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Illuminated Signage enhances your brand and can help maximise brand exposure Day and Night. Luminosity is a measure of illuminated signage and at X9 Signs we only use the best quality products with the latest technology to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.

Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are the latest and most efficient source for emitting light with considerable advances in safety, consumption efficiency, production and maintenance. Such advantages include:

  • Saftey: LEDS are considered “safe under all conditions of normal use.”

  • Carbon Emissions: LEDs deliver significant reductions in carbon emissions.

  • Efficiency: LEDs are more efficient at emitting lumens per watt than incandescent light sources which is excellent for reduced Energy Consumption

  • Colours: LEDs can emit a range of colours without using colour filters required for traditional lighting

  • Size: small and versatile size which is ideal for backlighting signs

  • Cycling: LEDs are ideal for frequent on-off cycles as required for illuminated signage as opposed to fluorescent lamps that fail faster when cycled often

  • Dimming: LEDs can be dimmed by a controller if City Councils restrict luminosity

  • Cool light: LEDs radiate very little heat and is considered a safer option then other light sources

  • Lifetime with slow failure: LEDs have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours of useful life and slowly fail after this time by dimming rather than the abrupt failure of other light sources

  • Shock resistance: LEDs are solid-state components with low voltage wiring and are less subjective to damage with external shock, unlike fluorescent or neon light sources


At X9 Signs we incorporate our knowledge into our signs, which enables us to offer the latest illuminated signage solutions for our clients.

For more information on Illuminated Signs Contact X9 SIGNS or have a look at our other services such as Fabrication.

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